Gennem årene har Kim arbejdet sammen med mange spændende og fantastiske mennesker og virksomheder. Her er nogle af dem.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

- Albert Einstein

David E. Bastian-Møller

Marketingchef at Metz A/S

Kim er en yderst kompetent designer og designleder. Måske en af de bedste vi har i Danmark.

Søren Svendsen

Digital director, JP/Politikens Hus

He is not only highly skilled and creative, he is also thorough, well prepared and foresighted. I hope that I'll get the opportunity to work with Kim in the future.

Fui Kim Chong

Director at Mobile Ethos Pte Ltd

Kim has lots of fantastic creative ideas.... and he turns it into reality.

Astrid Jørgensen

Portfolio Manager, Digital Business & Development, Bonnier Publications

Kim is extremely visionary, talented, experienced and also an exceptionally kind and likable person. Any project can and will benefit from Kim's professionalism and guidance.

Svend Lawaetz

Rormer CCO, DMJX - Danish School of Media and Journalism

Kim was for several years a researcher, lecturer and consultant at The Graphic Arts Institute. This he has done with outstanding results which includes several publications, exellent teaching and involment in consultancy jobs with some of the large media companies. Kim is particular innovative at seeking challenges in new areas. He is very respected by the people in the faculty, students and professional contacts.

Jacob Beckmann

Founder at Calendize

Kim is an extremely talented creative person who masters design in many aspects. … I wish I could hire Kim every time I need a top creative :-)

Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Næstformand for bestyrelsen at Oxygen Services A/S

While Kim Pedersen worked at Oxygen A/S he created respect for his ability to develop creative new designs for our own products as well as our customers products. He was hard working and innovative and Kim is an excellent communicator and teacher. It was a pleasure to work with Kim because diciplin and humor was mixed in a way, which made things happen.

Linda Zoumas

Product Manager at Aftonbladet

Kim impressed me by his analysis of visual communication of news. Not only does he have a sharp eye, he also posesses great skill in getting his views and ideas across. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an expert on news design.

Sandra Hoe Gleesborg

Project Manager at EG A/S

Kim has that rare ability to be creative and inspiring to his workers and still be organized.

Lars Stenholt Kirkegaard

Owner, U/W Imaging & Light distributor - Nordic Region

Our own graphics designer got the task, but in order to secure a professional result, and a high amount of new creative thinking - we hired Kim as consultant to drive the process. A task that he fulfilled with outmost satisfaction.

Thomas Dinsen

Drone entusiast, COWI

Professionel til fingerspidserne og med en meget bred viden på sit felt.
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